How to trade dogecoin

Trading dogecoin is good for everyone — those who want to buy goods, sell services, and the dogecoin community.

Whether you're looking to sell your services or spend some dogecoin, there's a place for you. And if there isn't, there's an opportunity to create your own.

Trading dogecoin for other currencies.

If you are looking to trade dogecoin for a local currency, you should check out the buy dogecoin and sell dogecoin pages for better instructions.

Selling through your own website.

Whilst dogecoin does not have any official payment exchanges set up, there is nothing stopping you from accepting payment in dogecoin. All you need is to have a wallet set up to receive dogecoin and advertise that it's an accepted payment method.


Dogemarket is a community on Reddit which allows you to list goods for selling, or explore goods for buying. It's quite like slapping a sign up on the notice board in your local community, stating that you have something to sell. Read the instructions on the wiki page before starting to trade.

The Crypto Market

If you're looking for an eBay-like service, look in the direction of The Crypto Market. Here you're able to list items for sale in a variety of alternate digital currencies, including Dogecoin.