Dogecoin Escrow Service

Protect against fraud, deception, and irresponsibility by gaining the confidence to buy and sell goods or services.

Buying goods or services online can be risky business. You can never be 100% sure that the person you're about to send money to will deliver the goods or services that have been promised.


We can act as a third-party in the process. Both the buyer and seller send their items to, and we will only complete the trade once we have received the item from both parties within a certain amount of time. If one of the involved parties never follow through, we simply returns each user their offered items and nobody gets hurt.

We are currently able to trades of Dogecoin and Bitcoin. PayPal is also a viable option.

Start trading

Send an email to with the following details:

Due to the nature of handling transactions, there will be a small fee to pay for the escrow service. The fee will vary dependant on payment methods used (we cannot account for PayPal fees), but we aim to keep this fee as low as possible.

An example email can look like this. Feel free to copy and paste it, editing the appropriate details:

Hi Dogecoin Escrow,

I'm looking to buy 250,000 Dogecoin for 100 USD.

My details:
[Dogecoin Address] DByHVaziLLEGidNQAhRCT82wFU91xWMpfR

Seller details:
[Dogecoin Address] DBNomk3iAnyHi8moCYN46UMofGjMV82KZP

I understand that there will be a small fee for this transaction.

Thanks, Joe

What happens if the trade fails?

Should a trade between two parties fail, the deposits will be returned to the parties, but minus the pre-agreed escrow transaction fee. If your intent was to trade $100 USD, we want to ensure that you receive $100 USD back.

Alternate escrow services

If you would like to find another verified escrow service, you can check out the Approved Escrow thread on /r/dogemarket/.