How to buy dogecoin

Are you looking to buy dogecoin? Here's a quick guide on how to exchange money for dogecoin.

Whilst it should be quite common place to trade dogecoin for goods or services, sometimes the quickest route to acquiring dogecoin is to simply buy it. There are a few ways into the dogecoin world and will then allow you to spend your dogecoin on whatever your heart desires.

Join Coinbase

There is a wildly popular website called Coinbase. If you sign up, you can purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin with your Credit Card. It's quick and easy. Then, once you have one of these base coins you are in the digital currency world and ready to exchange your riches for Dogecoin.

Get a Coinbase account

Exchange your currency for Dogecoin

If you own another cryptocurrency already, get yourself an account on Cryptopia and send your bitcoin / litecoin / etherium to your Cryptopia address. From there, you will be able to trade with other cryptocurrency owners to acquire Dogecoin.

Register on Cryptopia


It is recommended that you check out /r/dogemarket on the Reddit community. Here you will find many people who are willing to part with dogecoin in exchange for US Dollars and other currencies. You should read the guidelines carefully and aim to trade with a 'trusted' seller.

How do I know how much dogecoin are worth?

It is possible and advised to check the current dogecoin exchange rates, so that you are getting a fair deal when it comes to trading your current currency to dogecoin.